Aditya Kumar

Building complex technology products and searching for a cool short intro since 2009.

Hi there, I am Aditya and I hate writing "about pages" and "social media bio(s)".

The reason is simple. You are supposed to describe yourself in X number of words (or less) and those words become the outline of a stranger’s first impression of you. And these impressions last! Well, I believe in a pragmatic approach of introductions based on Context.

Professional Context

You can find my professional persona i.e my education, my work, my area of expertise, achievements , work experience etc on my linkedin profile. Feel free to connect and drop me a message.

Personal Context

Bullet points - Love football. Love Acting. Hate cooking. Ambivert (in the purest sense of the word), Love meeting new people and getting different perspectives on things I care about. Follow me on Twitter if you want to stay in touch.